How to Clean Marble Tiles

5 Ways to Clean your Marble Tiles


Ever since the Roman era, marble has been used for decorative and building purposes. Most of the majestic Roman structures are built with the use of marble, which is the most sophisticated of the stone tiles, is evident in ancient architecture. In today’s world, the use of marble has been pretty much well-accepted as the flooring of choice for modern houses.

Before we go any further, let us first examine basic information about marble, which includes its origin and properties. Marble is formed when a limestone is exposed to extreme pressure and heat, resulting in a denser rock with attractive veining and colors. Although marble is a softer stone than granite or porcelain, it is still durable enough to be used for shower stalls, countertops and most especially, for flooring tiles. Because marble is porous, marble surfaces are often finished and sealed for protection from damage and staining.

scrubbing a tiled floor

Now that we’ve expanded our knowledge about marble flooring by a small, significant bit, here are some tips on how to clean and maintain your marble tiles:

* Marble is often exposed to water as it is often used in bathrooms for showers, vanity tops and floors. For your bathroom, remember to use a clean and dry towel to wipe your marble floors after showers, and any time it gets wet.

* Vacuum or sweep your marble floor tiles regularly to remove any dirt, small rocks or sand that could scratch the marble surface. Such an activity shoudn’t take very long, so make it a point to do this whenever you are blessed with a few free minutes.

* It would be a good habit to clean your marble tiles once a week with a neutral pH cleaner. You can purchase neutral pH cleaners from stores that specialize in marble tiles and other stone products. You can also look for online retailers. Also, be mindful of the fact that marble is particularly vulnerable to acidic products such as tomato sauce, vinegar and orange juice. Contact between marble and any of the products listed can etch and or stain the marble’s surface.

* Waxing marble floors will help prevent the absorption of dirt, keeping the floor very shiny. Remember to only use a hard wax though; the use of soft wax can often discolor marble. Sealing also helps prevent staining, but it doesn’t protect the marble from etching, which is an overall corrosion and dulling of the surface.  You should seal marble every six to 12 months, depending on the amount of its wear and tear.

* Last but certainly not the least is drying the marble tiles with a clean towel after washing. This may be a simple procedure to do, but it prevents water spots from forming on your tiles. Always remember to care for marble vanities, shower and countertops surrounds, especially when leaving wet glasses, or letting shampoo bottles sit too long. Marble can develop water stains easily.

Well, there you have it! Five fast and easy ways to clean your marble floor tiles. Remember that by maintaining the wellness of your marble tiles, you are also taking care of the safety of your family.

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