Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom Tile Decoration

5 Tile Ideas for Your Bathroom


The bathroom is one of the most essential parts of our home. This is the place where we go first thing in the morning and before we go to bed at night. But oftentimes, the bathroom is overlooked as a significant design piece of the home. Though it is, above all, identified as a symbol of cleanliness, it can also be considered as a sanctuary for relaxation. And the best way to enjoy any bathroom is to realize and incorporate the full potential of its beauty.

How can we decorate our bathrooms? We all know that granite is one of the most practical materials for it, but what can we do to enhance its aesthetics? Maybe we can throw in some glass mosaic border tiles to break the monotony, or perhaps even add some Morrocan accents to it – the possibilities are endless. Below are some tile ideas that can transform your bathroom from Blah to Beautiful.

1) Use bigger tiles for the floor – Is your bathroom space small? Make it appear bigger by putting large tiles on the floor. This will create the illusion that the bathroom is larger than it actually is. Imitation marble tiles (tiles that aren’t really marble but designed to look like one) will look best in these situations. Take suggestions from an established tile supplier and base your choice of tile according to their expertise and your preference.

2) Highlight a particular part of the bathroom – Frame great fixtures with tiles. Use the tiles to emphasize the shower, the bathtub or the sink. This can be done by putting contrasting or lighter colours and shapes around the fixture.

3) Understated Tiles for bold fixtures – Do you want instant elegance? Go for bold fixtures and pair this with a simple-designed tile. Why not have a dark-coloured bathtub and a chrome shower? Get a sink in gray. Then go for smaller lighter tiles that will contrast greatly with your fixtures—this is minimalism at its finest.

4) Mix Textures – Can’t decide which tile to use? Mix different textures! This way, you’ll have the best of both worlds. A stone tile that is smaller in size can be used for the wall and you can pair it with a larger smoother tile for the floor. This will create a balance that will make your bathroom look super chic.

5) Different Shapes – Try different shapes in creating a beautiful bathroom. Four-sided tiles are nice, but to add more character, one can opt for an octagon tile and the like.

Match the design of your bathroom to your character and don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours and textures.

You can research on other design trends for the bathroom in magazines and ask tips from people who are redecorating their house. You may also consider inquiring at your local home depot for tiles. Ask for referrals on who can tile your bathroom with the least expense. Enjoy decorating!

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