Cleaning Solutions that Damage Quartz Tiles

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5 Cleaning Solutions that Damage Quartz Tiles


A home is a lifetime investment. Taking care of it needs money and most especially your time. Each part of the home serves different purposes and maintaining each one could be very hard—especially the tiles.

There are many different kinds of tiles out in the market but there is one that is distinct from the others: Quartz tiles. Though the cost of Quartz tiles are quite high, they are an investment that is certainly worth the price. Here’s why:

Quartz is one of the earth’s strongest natural material that can withstand the most demanding wear conditions. It also possesses a natural sheen that adds beauty, and in turn creates the industry’s lowest cost when it comes to maintenance. That’s not all! It has natural pigments that provide long-lasting colors, and the high composition of quartz cystals provide a much better traction surface.

Quartz tiles are heat, scratch and acid resistant – what more can you ask for?

Although this tile have been known to be very tough, there are still some instances where some maintenance procedures actually do more harm than good.

In this article we shall be discussing those mistakes, how to avoid them, and how to maintain the pristine condition of your quartz tiles.

Here are some examples:

* The common misconception about Quartz tiles is its acid resistance. It’s true that Quartz can resist most acids, but not all. Avoid using cleaners that contain acid, such as the ones used in grout, tub and bathroom cleaners.You might be asking, “What then should I use to clean my Quartz tiles?” Well, you may use alkaline cleaners but avoid the ones that are not specifically formulated for stone.

* Quartz are scratch-resistant but one must still take precautions when cleaning it. Avoid using scouring powders and abrasives, because these are known to scratch its surface.

* Some may say, that the natural methods are the best – well, that is not always the case. Like acid, the use of vinegar, ammonia, bleach, or any other general-purpose cleaner can hurt the surface of your quartz tile.

* Spilling drinks or liquids can sometimes be unavoidable. People often think that just because a tile is known to be of high-quality, that spills can be left for a long time. However, they are wrong. Just like in the case of other tiles, spills should be cleaned up right away, especially if it contains alcohol or citrus juices because it will leave a mark that might be hard to remove.

In general, quartz tiles are naturally strong and elegant. But improper use of chemicals can sometimes deteriorate its beauty. So, take heed of the said tips, and keep your quartz tiles looking like brand new.

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