Types of Tiles that are Best for Hot Temperatures

Types of Tiles that are Best for Hot Temperatures


There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. That’s why people invest a lot of money and time in making their homes beautiful, functional and safe. Each part of the home serves different purposes and the most obvious and biggest part is of course the flooring. With a wide array of flooring materials to choose from (hardwood, laminate, carpet, stone tiles, porcelain tiles etc.), one material stands out among others: tiles.

The first known use of tiles can be traced back as early as the fourth millennium BC (4000 BC), widely used in Egypt and Mesopotamia—amazing isn’t it? It just means that even before modernization, people knew how strong and durable tiles are.

Today, in the present world, tiles evolved into different forms, colors and textures. Choices widened and different factors should be considered first before choosing—and climate is one of those factors. If you live in a tropical country with a hot and moist weather year-round, you should select the tile that is suitable for hot temperatures.

Below are different tile types you can consider:


Ceramic Tile is made from clay, formed in a uniform shape, glazed with coating for strength and baked to harden. It is very heat resistant, being one of the most commonly used tiles for fireplaces and radiant heat systems. It is also relatively inexpensive, and durable.

Porcelain – This type of tile is similar to ceramic, but much tougher. Since it is made from clay hardened in very high temperatures, porcelain is excellent in withstanding heat. This tile is often used for kitchen floors and countertops because it is not porous (less water absorption) which limits moisture damage.

Sandstone – This durable stone tile is more expensive than ceramic and porcelain, but it lasts longer. Made from organic material, this tile only requires very little maintenance—a rinse every so often is enough. It’s great to be installed around pools because sandstone is unaffected by heat. Therefore the water is kept cool. Sandstone tiles come in neutral colors, so they’re easy to incorporate in your decorating scheme.

Marble – This beautiful stone tile is valued because of its remarkable appearance. It’s been used in several ancient structures, and has resisted the heat well over hundreds of years. But marble tiles requires more maintenance, like regular polishing, and is susceptible to damage from foot traffic and moisture. However, its beauty especially in foyers is unmatched by other types of flooring.

Granite – Granite is next to diamond in terms of toughness. Another tile used in many kitchens, granite is good at withstanding extreme heat, damage, and is also quite easy to maintain. It also possesses a natural beauty that increases the aesthetic value of a home. However, if you plan to use granite tiles for areas with water (like bathrooms), it’s best to go for unpolished granite to avoid slipping accidents.

The most important thing to remember when shopping for tiles is to check their durability. Choose tiles that are not only beautiful but also long-lasting.


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