Ancient Architecture

Ancient Architecture

Interior Design Master Class from the Ancients

There are many things that one can learn from the Ancients in terms of decorating and for making one’s surroundings beautiful. In seeing the interiors of the ancients, one can’t help but admire and think of how they were able to create something so beautiful with the limited technology they have. In observing these works of art, it is quite obvious that there is something quite powerful that speaks to every level of our humanity – and it definitely transcends the quartz tiles and cement walls of modern houses.

Lesson #1 It’s a spiritual thing.

Whether it is Jesus Christ, or Allah, or Buddha, or Shiva, or the universe you believe in, beautiful and powerful decorating speaks to one’s spirituality. Thus it cannot be bland or a mere reflection of what one sees in tradition. If your spirituality is vibrant and alive, it will be reflected in the manner you use your space. To make it memorable, your space goes beyond practicality and into a spiritual realm.

Lesson #2 Use the available materials.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans were quite fond of creating mosaics from small tesserae that was created from small stones, and shells, or ivory. They used what was readily available to them and with the abundance of materials, this made the work doable and quickly finished. In practicing this ideology you are paying homage to the environment you are trying to decorate, by using materials naturally found in the area, and you are assuring that the work will be done.

Lesson #3 Colour

Oh, the glory that color can bring. Take it from the Ancients, they were really not that fond of the minimalistic colour scheme. The brighter the colors, the better. Looking at Ancient Mosaics and Mandalas show the burst and brightness of colours. So don’t be afraid to work with colors. The ancients weren’t afraid to use color, why should you?

#4 Decorate with a purpose.

 The Ancients had a broader and better understanding of their space. And they made sure that they were not merely decorating a corner in the room, but that this corner would serve a particular purpose. With the limited space that we are decorating, every square inch matters. So make sure that not only is your space beautiful, it is also functional.

Decorating and creating beautiful interiors need not be something that is daunting and scary. Each person has a definite point of view. And this can be translated clearly in the space one occupies.  We can also learn so much from our ancient counterparts when it comes to decorating. They have after all, been around far longer than any of our designs, and their style and concept is bar none.