Backyard Stone Tiles

Backyard Stone Tiles

How to Pave your Backyard with the Perfect Stone Tile

A very good way to make your backyard look more functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time is to pave it with outdoor paving  Once you do so, you can do a number of things to make your backyard more interesting, like turning it into an area for kids to play in, weekend barbecues, or just a general outdoor entertainment area. Paving your backyard takes some preparation though, especially since there are different materials that you can choose from.

Paving an outdoor patio in your backyard is about two things, which are durability and aesthetics. You want to pick a material that won’t be too much of a hassle to clean and render weather-resistant while having it match everything else in your backyard. Different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to pick the best one for your backyard. Here are the three main choices for paving your backyard and what they’re really good for.

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Terra Cotta Tiles

Terra cotta ceramics is a popular material to work with due to being waterproof and durable, making it ideal for withstanding outdoor conditions. This material is quite popular, known for the rich red color that matches well with a lot of other things like adobe and gives off that Spanish pueblo look. The only thing about it though is that it still does require sealing and regular cleaning. Cleaning is not too much of a hassle with a wet mop though, and sealing terracotta isn’t really rocket science.

Stone Tiles

Natural stone is a good alternative due to variety in sources and appearances, although they are more expensive than man-made materials. There are slate, sandstone, travertine, and so on, and they come in different colours and finishes. Sandstone has a rich reddish gold tone, while slate comes in grey, purple, or green. If you’re after aesthetics above all else and have the money for it, then this is the best option for you. They’re a bit more delicate than the other materials though, but they are well worth it with proper maintenance.


Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is another viable option for outdoor pavers since it’s dense and waterproof, so it can last for many years. Due to its versatility, it comes in various colors and designs that spoils you for choice. You may want to get what’s known as full-bodied tiles, which are known as such due to their color running throughout the entire tile, which means that it won’t fade easily at all. With proper sealing, cleaning, and maintenance, they will last a very long time.


Natural stone is preferred for its natural good looks, while porcelain is good for its incredible variety and availability. Terracotta is a bit more limited, but can be just as good as natural stone if you prefer its rich red tone for your backyard. If you really cannot decide on one material, then shop around for porcelain since it’s more likely that you’ll find a design that you’ll like best with that material. If you have the cash though, natural stone could be good for you if you’re prepared for the maintenance work, but having stone tiles can be very satisfying if you’re really after the aesthetics.