Best way to clean a porcelain patio slabs

Best way to clean a porcelain patio slabs

Best way to clean a porcelain patio.

Utilise a stiff-bristled broom or leaf blower to effectively sweep the porcelain tiles in order to remove any dirt or debris from the surface. After this, use a stiff-bristled brush in conjunction with clean water, or alternatively a jetwash, and brush the tiles vigorously. Porcelain tiles are extremely dense and this often proves sufficient in restoring their initial appearance.


Is it difficult to keep outdoor porcelain tiles clean?

No! Porcelain is incredibly durable and resistant to staining. If you follow the few guidelines mentioned above, outdoor porcelain can be kept clean and in great shape with minimal effort. Worries of discoloration and fading should not be a concern, as porcelain does not lose its colour and looks great after standing the test of time.



Can I pressure wash outdoor porcelain tiles?

Water pressure can be used with a suitable porcelain-friendly cleaner to achieve the best results. Depending on where you live and the extent of utilization, we recommend pressure washing on a seasonal basis.


What is the best way to get rid of stains on outdoor porcelain tiles?

The best way to prevent staining from happening is to be swift in cleaning it up when it does occur. However, if some more stubborn marks appear, Lithofin or similar Outdoor Cleaner is a great product for eliminating these stains. This porcelain friendly cleaner can be used on it own or in a mixture with warm water to clean the whole patio.




Do I need to seal outdoor porcelain paving?

No, exterior porcelain pavers do not need to be sealed and feature an 'R11' grip finish, which ensures that they are slip-resistant. Moreover, they are not prone to fading with exposure to sunlight.


We hope that this guide has been helpful to you with your Marblemosaics Ltd outdoor porcelain paving. Should you need additional assistance, our expert team is available via email ( or phone 01273 891144  Additionally, Lithofin provides a technical line  to help with cleaning and maintenance.