Design Ideas for Your Kid’s Room

Design Ideas for Your Kid’s Room

Design Ideas for Your Kid’s Room

Most times, our rustic, antique-ish taste is far, much too far, from our children’s idea of an awesome bedroom. They’re not thinking of polished stone tiles or fancy brass accents. They’re thinking Star Wars, Hello Kitty and Elephants. Customizing the design of your child’s room is a great opportunity to bond with them. Most parents involve their kids in conceptualizing inspired themes, from dreamy, minimalist or elaborate interiors, making their own personal abode.

A Space Odyssey

Going beyond frontiers outside mother earth is a child’s ultimate dream. We often hear the little ones saying they want to be astronauts when they grow up.  To achieve the look, use resources readily available at home. Set a time when you can bond with your child and spend the whole afternoon drawing and colouring pictures of planets and the solar system.

Make several pieces of these art works in bond paper and hang them on the wall near the bed. This would make a great backdrop for space travel. Purchase glow-in-the-dark pieces: stars, planets and the moon.


Paint the room’s ceiling royal or navy blue and then stick the pieces above. Alternatively, you may leave them suspending by attaching a thin string at edge of the glow pieces and taping the string to the ceiling. Launch into space by buying a quilt designed with stars and other elements of the universe.

Surely, your kid will spend more time studying in bed, if not may be sleeping more than they used to.

The Pink Room

The concept is free-for-all meaning there are different options to choose from in crafting your design plan. Your little princess will surely feel at home. The basics will include curtains and bed sheets in carnation pink.  Purchase accessories like doormats, miniature lamp shades and carpets in vibrant pink.

Secure two to three small pillows with olive green pillow cases.  The mix of colours will give contrast to different shades of pink and the opulent green.  You can personalize the room by opting to design each area with cartoon characters.

Nearby stores have Hello Kitty and Disney character merchandise available. You can also go for a minimalist approach by adding small fixtures (accent chairs, small pink boxes and etc) to make the room more appealing.

Explore The World

Let the treasure hunt begin! Take your child in a wild safari adventure or sail with Christopher Columbus in search of the new land. Adventure makes children smile.


 They are open to discover unchartered territories and dig down to find the treasure spot.  Set sail by purchasing a large World Map to be plastered on the wall as a mood piece. Then, accent the side table with a plastic globe.

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