Dijon Limestone

Dijon Limestone

Dijon / Sinai Pearl Egyptian Limestone

Characterised by its subtle beige-to-grey tonal variations, our Dijon limestone tiles are perfect for a variety of interior styles due to its versatility and hard-wearing, dense nature. The small fossils and deployments of crystallised calcite veining featured in this flagstone lend it an air of distinction and complexity, making it an ideal choice for kitchen, ground floor and bathroom surfaces. The neutral tones also provide the perfect balance for a range of interior colour schemes, seamlessly blending into both modern abodes and country-style settings.




Dijon Limestone has an inherent density and durability, making it an optimal selection for zones of frequent pedestrian activity. Additionally, it is wise to seal the Limestone after the initial installation and re-seal every 3 to 6 years. Furthermore, it is advisable to operate a vacuum with a brush attachment regularly. To combat any stains or dirt, mild set pH-neutral cleaners devised for natural stone works best, while certain cleaners for severe or persistent stains are also available.




Which Dijon tumbled tile size should I choose?

The size tile you go for is personal preference – there is no right or wrong! However, over the years we have developed a keen eye on what sizes and formats work best for all shapes and styles of kitchens. The most popular formats for open plan kitchens & contemporary areas tends to be 900 x 600 & 600x400 for smaller spaces.


Dijon suitability with underfloor heating?


Underfloor heating is perfectly suited for our natural stone and Dijon limestone tiles when correctly installed. We highly recommend utilizing anti-fracture matting, which is industry standard. This membrane is thin and is positioned between the screed and the tiles, protecting the tiles from lateral sheer movements. This prevents damage to the tiles even if the screed fractures.

Finishes of Dijon Limestone tiles


Sandblasted tiles have a slightly speckled and textured surface, created by a wide variety of machines using air of water pressure to achieve a low level sanding effect. The sandblasting technique wears down the stone, making it less prone to staining and making it easier to clean.


When selecting the right finish for your project, consider the four available options – tumbled, brushed, sandblasted, and honed. Of these, our most popular is the Dijon Tumbled finish, favoured for its low maintenance and durability. This effect is achieved via an ageing process which softens stone markings and provides a tumbled edge and pastel-like finish, perfect for homes wanting a rustic look. The Dijon Brushed finish provides a slightly textured surface with faintly sheen and straighter edges than tumbled. It is versatile, suiting all types of spaces. A honed tile has a smooth, low-lustre appearance with uniform edges that create a more contemporary feel. Sandblasted tiles, featuring a speckled and textured surface, are created through sanding using air or water pressure. This technique helps to prevent staining and makes the tiles easier to clean.

Dijon Limestone Tiles & Pavers


The Dijon limestone paving slabs, cobblestones, steps, and coping stones provide a hard-wearing and practical option for outdoor, exterior spaces. Lending a unique touch to indoor and outdoor spaces, our Dijon Outdoor limestone is available in 20mm and 30mm in a 900 x 600 format & also  350mm x 150 mm x 30 mm cobbles with complimenting 900mm x 350mm x 30mm bullnosed steps & coping stones and features beautifully soft stone markings and beige to grey tones that directly compliment any lifestyle. We are direct importers of this limestone, offering products in both a tumbled and brushed finish. Allow us to help you create the ultimate indoor-outdoor flow with our Dijon limestone Paving range.



Drawing on 15 years' of experience, our team will source premium grade Dijon Limestone for your project. We understand the crowded market in the industry and the varying prices of stones which appear to be the same. Our supplier only works with premium grades which are characterised by their low variation in colour, lighter tones, and minimal veining. We urge customers not to be fooled by higher-priced outlets and to take advantage of our superior grade stone.