Glass Mosaic Art

Glass Mosaic Art

Cool Arts & Crafts Ideas Using Glass Mosaic Tiles

One of the most exciting pleasures in life is decorating our own homes. We can go with a simple and crisp white, or with fun-filled splashes of color.

A popular and remarkable get-up of home improvement has been to design with mosaics. After the jump, we’ve collected some of the most creative ways you can spend your free time – by doing some DIY arts & crafts using glass mosaic tiles.

Art Nouveau

A classic style of art that has wooed and influenced the design concepts of women has been the Art Noveau. You can pattern your glass mosaic tiles to make swaying swirls and rounded things. You can draw inspiration from the mighty and resilient waves of the water, or the gentle sway of a flower.

Retro: 8-Bit Games

Most tile retailers sell little square mosaic tiles, which you can look at as your building blocks – think lego, and think of the 8-bit game era:

  • Tetris
  • Super Mario
  • Tank City
  • PacMan
  • Space Invaders

A Tetris wall is easy and so much fun to make. Building the Mario city is a bit harder, but it is timeless and even your kids, grandkids, and great grandkids will know of Mario. You can order small cut glass mosaic and if you want to add more form and shape, you can always break it into pieces. The 8-bit concept is cool because a simple wall can become a wall of nostalgia for your childhood, which you immortalize in a way. Cool, right?

Under the Sea

For a serene blue look, you might want to go with an “Under the Sea” theme. This is a favourite among DIY designers because it’s a blast to make. You don’t have to be really skilled in drawing; a coral, a few fish and some random patterns can result in an overall pleasing piece of artwork.

Quotes or Statements

If you’re not really confident with your visual art skills, then maybe you can communicate art through words. Take one of your favourite quotes or statements and translate it into glass mosaic art. If there are statement shirts, then maybe you can make a glass mosaic statement wall.

A house that has art is a house that is conducive to the creative nurturing of children. There are even some studies that link creativity to happiness. It is said that if a child can freely express himself through arts, they become happier adults. Whether it is to raise happy and creative children, or simply to decorate your home, making glass mosaic artworks is worth a try.