Limestone Paving - What is it ?

Limestone Paving - What is it ?


Looking for a strong and long-lasting paving solution for your garden? , why not consider Limestone Paving

With its coloured options ranging from dark to light ,  limestone paving is a great choice. Our patio slabs come in options of black, cream , grey , beige , and yellow, making them the perfect addition to any garden project. Limestone paving is known for its elegant and noble texture, high-density colours, and high level of hardness. Its natural surface also provides a stunning effect , it's no wonder why it's a popular option for garden paving , particularly with its decreased porosity compared to other natural stones .


Limestone patio slabs are highly durable and perfect for the ever-changing British weather, making them a top choice for gardens throughout the UK. Additionally, their resistance to acidic liquids makes them an excellent option for protecting against erosion. Maintenance is effortless with the use of a neutral or mild alkaline-based cleaner, providing both protection and cleanliness for your limestone patio.


If you want a beautiful and durable patio, limestone patio flags are a popular choice among homeowners. Not only is it a natural and stunning stone, but it also provides a sturdy and long-lasting surface. 


Whether you prefer a modern touch with black garden paving or a classic look with yellow slabs, our Egyptian & Indian limestone paving is definitely worth considering. This versatile material offers a range of options to elevate the appearance of your outdoor space. Explore our selection now and transform your garden into a stunning retreat.


What Is Limestone?


Limestone is a naturally-occurring substance that is formed from compressed sediment found in the ocean. This durable and sturdy stone comes in a variety of colours such as grey, yellow, beige, cream and black, amongst many others , depending on the impurities present in the sediment during its formation.


Known for its density, limestone is commonly used in construction, particularly in cement and mortar mixes. Its crushed form is also a popular choice for road and foundation laying due to its strength and durability, making it suitable for heavy-duty use.


Despite being a well-established building material for centuries, limestone continues to be a preferred option for paving projects. With its many beneficial properties, it remains one of the most reliable and trusted choices available today.

Is Indian Limestone the optimal Choice for your patio?


When it comes to creating a beautiful and long-lasting patio, Indian limestone is a top contender. Thanks to its high-quality stone and scratch-resistant finish, it is able to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor use. While some natural stones are prone to cracking and discoloration, limestone slabs are extremely durable and a popular choice for patios and garden pathways.


But it's not just its durability that makes Indian limestone ideal for patios.  


In addition to its practical benefits, limestone also offers a natural and rustic aesthetic to any outdoor space. Its options , including a light textured surface and density, comparable to that of marble, add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your patio. And unlike other stone options , most limestone remains comfortable underfoot in both the cold of winter and the heat of summer.


In summary, Indian limestone is not just good for patios - it may just be the perfect choice. So why not elevate the look and functionality of your outdoor area with this versatile and durable stone? Explore our range of Indian & Egyptian limestone options and give your patio a stunning upgrade today.



What are the ideal garden styles for Indian & Egyptian Limestone?


Compared to sandstone paving, limestone patio slabs provide a uniform color range, giving a sophisticated and effortlessly stylish finish to your garden , this makes them perfect for achieving a minimalist garden style.


However, limestone sometimes has a slight texture similar to that of an orange peel. While it may not have the distinct markings of sandstone, this textured effect adds character and can suit a traditional aesthetic in your garden , and for a rustic look, we recommend using tumbled slabs to complement and finish the style.


The versatility of limestone doesn't end there , It can also be used for indoor areas, particularly as kitchen floor tiles , living rooms , hallways etc etc . The seamless and sleek appearance of limestone makes it a perfect choice for modern and traditional homes alike , with its ability to effortlessly blend into any design scheme, limestone truly is a multi-purpose stone.


Make the most of your garden with the beautiful and functional Indian limestone, suitable for various garden styles and even indoor spaces. Order our high-quality limestone now and add a touch of elegance to your home.



Learn How to Enhance Your Garden with a Variety of Indian Limestone Paving Styles.


Want to add charm and beauty to your garden? Look no further than Indian & Egyptian limestone paving , it's a perfect choice for creating different styles in your outdoor space. Here are some ideas to inspire you!


Add Warmth with Yellow Tumbled & Brushed  Limestone Patio Slabs.


For a cozy and inviting feel, opt for yellow tumbled & brushed limestone patio slabs. They boast light and mid beige tones, making them a stunning feature for any backyard. Perfect for soaking up the sun and enjoying the outdoors.


Create a Modern Outdoor Dining Area with Black Limestone Garden Paving.


For a sleek and contemporary look, go for black garden paving. Pair it with glass-topped furniture and a minimalistic landscape for a stylish outdoor dining area. You can even leave the pavers unsealed for a natural lightening effect in the sunlight.


Say Goodbye to Traditional Concrete and Hello to Sinai Pearl Grey Limestone Paving.

If you're tired of traditional concrete paving, then grey limestone paving is the perfect alternative. Concrete may offer nice colours, but they fade to grey over time.  Sinai pearl grey limestone  pavers, on the other hand, maintain their deep depth of colour  , and provide a stunning feature to any external installation . These grey flags offer a traditional , yet spectacular , look for any outdoor space.


Add Beauty with Egyptian Beige Sawn & Sandblasted Limestone Paving Slabs

For a touch of elegance, choose Egyptian beige limestone paving slabs. These unique shades of beige / cream will add a contemporary style to your garden , the subtle sandblasted surface of these slabs not only looks stunning but also provides a durable , non-slip surface for year-round enjoyment of your outdoor space.


Make the Most out of Your Garden with Jerusalem Cream Tumbled Limestone Paving

For a touch of sophistication, opt for Jerusalem Cream limestone paving slabs. These subtle hues of beige and cream will infuse a modern feel into your garden. The delicate tumbled edged  finish not only offers a stunning , traditional appearance but also guarantees a hard-wearing surface for all-year-round use of your outdoor area.


No matter which style you choose,  limestone paving can transform your garden into a beautiful and inviting space. So, why wait?  , get creative and add some personality to your outdoor space with these versatile and durable paving slabs , remember , summer is only around the corner so get planning now !!!


Transform your garden into a beautiful and versatile space with the use of Indian limestone paving , this natural stone offers a variety of styles and colours, allowing you to fully customize your outdoor area.


For a warm and inviting patio, consider using yellow ,  or beige  limestone slabs. These have shades of light and mid beige that add a stunning touch to your garden. In contrast, black garden paving offers a modern look, ideal for creating an outdoor dining space. Combine this with glass-topped furniture and a minimalist landscape for a sleek and contemporary feel. You can also opt to leave the black pavers unsealed to naturally lighten in the sun.


If you want a unique and attractive style , but are not a fan of traditional concrete paving, we have a solution for you. Our Sinai Pearl Grey limestone paving slabs provide a sophisticated shade of grey that seamlessly blends into any outdoor space. The smooth surface of these slabs is ideal for outdoor seating and dining areas.


For those looking for a touch of elegance, our Dijon Tumbled or Brushed limestone paving slabs are a popular choice , these feature subtle shades of brown / beige , giving you a durable and stylish option for your garden. 


Does Limestone Paving Require Sealant?


As is the case with many natural stone paving choices, limestone paving will need to be sealed if you want to maintain its pristine appearance , a sealant will not only preserve the vibrant colours of your paving stones, but also prevent dirt from seeping in.


For those who opt for darker paving options such as black limestone , the use of a sealant is essential rather than recommended. This protective coating will safeguard these shades from fading into a dull grey over time, ensuring long-lasting beauty for your garden. 


What is the Best Way to Keep My Limestone Patio Clean?

When it comes to cleaning outdoor surfaces, there is no shortage of products available for a thorough cleanse. However, if your patio is made of limestone, it is important to take extra precautions to avoid damaging the delicate stone , as using the wrong cleaning products can result in irreversible damage, leaving your patio looking dull and discoloured.


To properly clean a limestone patio, it is crucial to choose a cleanser that is specifically safe for this specific material . Acid-based cleaners should be avoided at all costs, as they can cause a chemical reaction that not only strips the stone of its natural colour but also weakens its surface.


Instead, opt for a neutral or mild alkaline-based cleaner , these types of cleaners effectively remove dirt and grime without compromising the integrity of the limestone , they also provide a layer of protection, helping to maintain the sleek appearance of your patio.

Sandstone vs Limestone - which is more durable?


Deciding between sandstone and limestone for durability can be a tough choice. In the UK, we experience a wide range of weather conditions, and you need a stone that can withstand it all. Fortunately, both sandstone and limestone are able to handle the elements, making them great options for outdoor spaces.


Although they may not completely repel water, both stones have a low absorption rate, making them ideal for areas of the UK that are prone to rain (so, all of it basically !). Just keep in mind that lighter shades of sandstone tend to be more porous than the darker ones, while limestone maintains the same level of porosity regardless of its shade. If you do opt for lighter sandstone, be prepared to put in some extra cleaning and sealant applications to combat its high porosity.


When it comes to colour, sandstone and limestone each have their own unique qualities. Limestone offers a consistent hue, while sandstone boasts a vibrant and varied appearance. Darker limestone will potentially fade to a lighter colour, while sandstone maintains its colour for a longer period of time. Ultimately, both stones are great when it comes to durability, so choose your favorite based on the colour you prefer. 


Limestone v Sandstone - value for money ? 


Choosing between sandstone and limestone for your patio doesn't have to break the bank as both options are budget-friendly and offer long-lasting durability. While sandstone may have a lower initial cost (typically £1-£2 less per m2), it's important to consider the long-term expenses.


Sandstone pavers have a lower maintenance requirement, potentially making them a more cost-effective choice in the future. However, this depends on variables such as colour, cutting, thickness, and quality of the selected stones.


With its distinctive colour range, limestone is a popular choice but keep in mind that it may require more maintenance to maintain its appearance , although sealing is ordinarily a straight forward process .

Limestone v Sandstone - Maintenance :-


When it comes to outdoor paving, limestone and sandstone offer many advantages with their low maintenance requirements. However, it is crucial to do your research before installing your patio paving , to ensure you properly care for it and make the most of its durability. To avoid any potential damage, it is important not to use salt for de-icing on your limestone patio.


In general, these two natural stone paving options require little upkeep. However, if you are seeking the easiest to maintain option, limestone may not be the right choice. Its hard surface makes it more susceptible to dents and scratches, which can be more noticeable. 


Limestone v Sandstone - Which is more appealing ?

The main difference between sandstone and limestone isn’t its practical benefits, it is the aesthetic values. Limestone paving tends to be generically smooth and flat. The texture of limestone is often compared to that of an orange peel ,  however, sandstone tends to be more rippled / undulating , with ridges ( when riven)  and has hand dressed edges , however it is also available with a Honed finish that leaves a smooth surface , with sawn edges , for a sleek , contemporary appearance .

If you are planning a more uniform look for a contemporary garden, then limestone is the perfect stone paving option for you. If you would prefer a more organic and rustic outdoor space, then you may opt for a riven sandstone.

When it comes to appeal, it’s down to taste. We would recommend that you browse the options on our website where you can view our full range of limestone paving and sandstone paving options. If you’re still struggling to make the right decision for your garden project – call our team , we are always here to help .


What are the benefits of Limestone? 

Limestone is renowned for its durability, making it a popular choice for important structures such as museums, schools, churches, and mansions. Its ability to withstand the test of time is evident in these impressive buildings.

Available in shades of yellow, cream / beige , grey , and black, limestone may have a limited colour range but each variation is vibrant and visually appealing.

As a smooth and flat paving stone, limestone is perfect for driveways, paths, and patios it's also a great option for covered outdoor areas like courtyards.

With its low water absorbency, limestone is an ideal choice for regions with higher rainfall.

Limestone is strong enough to withstand heavy traffic from cars and pedestrians, but this would also be dependent on the thickness and installation method of the paving stones.

At Marblemosaics Ltd, we take pride in providing our customers with high-quality paving slabs that cater to every garden , taste, and budget , so please browse our wide range of colours and designs online or give us a call on 01273 891144 or contact us by email .