Limestone Tile Ideas for your Home Decoration

Limestone Tile Ideas for your Home Decoration

Limestone Tile Ideas for your Home Decoration

Limestone is a type of sedimentary rock that is commonly used as a building material. Although limestone is not usually the first choice when you think of decorative tiles, you’ll be surprised by the wide array of colours and textures available to you. You can get limestone tiles in shades of blue, green, grey, beige and cream and in different patterns as well. Limestone is a stone tile which is best known for their durability and low porous qualities, making them the go-to tiles for most kitchen and bathroom tiling projects. Want to know more on how you can use limestone tiles on your next home makeover? Then here are just a few limestone tile decorative ideas to get you started.

If you’re going to notice, most limestone tiles available on the market today are pale in colour, but even though the darker tones seem to be less common, it’s possible to source them from a reliable tile supplier. All you have to do is look for a reputable tile supplier and go through their catalog to see if they have anything that you like in stock. Contrary to popular belief, buying from online tile suppliers can be fast and convenient, as long as you find the right supplier to cater to your needs.

Modern and sophisticated

For a modern and sophisticated look, why not use limestone tiles in your living room or bedroom? Even though they may not be seen as the conventional choice for these areas in your home, you’ll be amazed with how versatile limestone tiles are. Go for darker tones of blues and greys to give your interiors a contemporary feel. You can also use black limestone tiles if you want to be more adventurous with your space.

Natural and tanned

Looking for that airy, natural feel for your bathroom or kitchen? Then limestone tiles in earth tone colours would be perfect for you. Choose the polished finish with a non slippery surface to get that clean sheen that you want. Be sure to use limestone tiles that are oil resistant for your kitchen. This way, you can avoid potential accidents that may happen if your floors are too slippery.

Texture is in

If you’re thinking of giving your outdoor area a makeover, textured limestone tiles are perfect for paving walkways and landscaped gardens. Choose matte finish limestone tiles to give your outdoors a subtle classy touch. Since you have more space to work with outdoors, you have the option to use larger tiles than you would normally use indoors.

Just a few quick reminders about caring for limestone tiles. Since limestone tiles are generally porous in nature, don’t forget to apply a coat of sealant prior installation. This is especially crucial if you’re going to use limestone in your bathroom since moist and chemicals can easily compromise the quality of your tiles.