Pros and Cons of Marble Tiles

Pros and Cons of Marble Tiles

Pros and Cons of Marble Tiles

History has told us of the impeccable taste of the wealthy. It tells us of the grandeur of how marble floor tiles have adorned the palace floors of ancient kings and emperors. Even today, the sophistication and class that it brings to today’s modern houses make it an all time favorite.

Harvested from Mother Earth’s majestic mountains, these marble tiles were once an icon of wealth and opulence. Thankfully, after hundreds of years, us mere mortals can now also use marble tiles as a dash of elegance in our homes.

Since the industrialization age we have seen the emergence of different kinds of materials that we can use in our homes. We have slate, travertine, porcelain, ceramic, quartz tiles and so on. Most of these materials, one can consider to be way cheaper than marble. So why choose marble?

Marble Tiles of marble tiles.


Incredibly durable

Marble is a stone that is formed and forged by Mother Nature herself. Since it is natural stone, it is extremely hard and durable. Imagine that it took huge heavy machines to cut marble slabs out of the mountain – if it can withstand that, I’m pretty sure it can stand your family’s domestic activities without breaking a sweat.

It’s classy look

Generations of taste and sophistication have defined marble as a stylish and classy material. Because it is natural, each piece has a different look. Each piece is unique. Depending on their finish, it can either give a sophisticated or humble look.

There are two types of marble tiles:

  • Traditional marble

Traditional marble tiles are characterized by their shiny, polished finish. If you are into luxurious sophisticated designs, this is the kind that would blend well with your home.

  • Tumbled marble

Tumbled marble tiles are not polished, rather they are buffed. This gives it an earthy, natural cut finish. If you’re going for a more humble, earthy look, then go with tumbled tiles.



Marble is one of the more expensive tiles in the depot, mostly because of it’s durability. It is also a natural stone, which means there isn’t an unlimited supply of it. However, because it is durable, you are less likely to have your home retiled – which is quite expensive as well. So, if you think of it, it’s actually cost-effective.

Catches stains easily

For those who are obsessive compulsive about the cleanliness of their house, this isn’t an issue. However, for those who aren’t as “neat” or careful, marble tiles may not be your best option because they catch stains easily. Marble is a porous substance, that is why it is generally not recommended in  kitchen countertops.

In the home improvement industry, there are so many materials that you can use. Whether you choose to go with marble tiles or not, it’s fine – there are a million more options, but don’t forget to choose those that are aesthetically beautiful and durable.