Splitface Stone Cladding

Splitface Stone Cladding



We now have an enviable number of options in split face cladding material , for both internal and external installations , please read on to learn more about our comprehensive range.

One of our ongoing best sellers is the split face black slate, seen below  , and is an ever popular stone used for internal and external installations alike .


In the winter months , many concentrate on internal projects using this particular material , and  our Splitface Cream Quartz continues to be a “ go to” for many of our customers , and you can understand why , when it looks as good as this :-


What are the benefits of Splitface Cladding ?

Split face stone (Stone cladding) is a firm favourite with  designers , architects and “Joe public”  alike ,  and is a very easy to install material , that requires no grouting , and is simply installed by interlocking the tiles along the horizontal , and working your way up the wall , therefore a rapid set adhesive is often used to allow the tiles to “go off” / set quicker .

We offer a wide range of materials in natural stone cladding including Slate , Quartzite , Marble , Travertine , & Limestone which can all be used on internal and external projects , and also a very popular line in Wooden Cladding ( indoor use only )  , and there are multiple options within the aforementioned stones in terms of colour / tone  .

The Splitface tiles are generally either 550 x 150 mm or 600 x 150 mm in size , and with so many options , this format of tile can be used for both traditional and contemporary installations alike , it can transform any kitchen , living room , hallway , bathroom or garden feature to something really quite stunning , and is the most straightforward material you'll ever work with .

Being such a versatile material , our Splitface stone cladding blends beautifully with our wide range of coping stones , to cap walls where the cladding has been installed , as seen below with our Splitface Multicolour Slate and you'll see it delivers stunning results , and given the diversity of Splitface , it works wonderfully well with Natural Stone and Porcelain Paving alike :-

Are they easy to install ?


Our Split face cladding comes in “Z ” shaped modular panels of predominately sized 550/600 x 150 x 10-30mm tiles , and are incredibly quick and easy to install , making it achievable for even the most limited DIY'er out there,  to install ,

If the weather is putting you off creating something special in your garden until the warm Spring sunshine returns , then why not transform your bathroom , living room , hallway , kitchen or anywhere within the home , with a quick and easy installation of  stone cladding , all available from as little as £34.99 per m2 inclusive of VAT .