Stone Sink Cleaning

Stone Sink Cleaning

Stone Sink: Proper Cleaning Procedure


Stone sinks are gorgeous household pieces that give a hint about the atmosphere of the house. It can display elegance or humility, simplicity or complexity. It is a great piece to enhance that rustic relaxed feel of a home. If you’ve decided to adorn your home with a stone sink, let me compliment you on your idyllic taste.

Having a stone sink is great only if you can maintain its beauty. You probably didn’t expect that you’d have to clean and maintain a sink, right? It’s like saying you have to clean your soap. Nevertheless, you must. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your stone sink will keep it in its pristine charming condition. Don’t worry though, it’s fairly simple and easy and cheap, if I may add.

First thing to do is to get our cleaning materials. You don’t have to go outside to buy them, I’m sure they’re right under your noses. All you need is a soft scrub sponge or nylon brush and some dishwashing soap. Don’t use any abrasive cleaning solutions because it may cause different chemical reactions that may ruin it.

How To Clean:

First, dampen your sink with some water. Then apply some of the dishwashing soap onto your sponge. Now sweep along the sink with your soapy sponge. If you see a couple of stains starting to come off, just keep on sweeping and scrubbing until the stain comes of. Afterwards, rinse off the soap. Make sure you don’t leave any soap behind because it may deposit into the pores and cause stains. Afterwards, wipe your sink with a dry cloth. Simple, right?

How To Maintain:

Cleaning is simple if you’re going to do it just once. However, to maintain your stone sink, you’re gonna have to clean on a regular basis. Once a day should do the trick. This is important because if you start to neglect cleaning, stains may accrue. I suggest that on the last use, do one quick clean and then dry it with a cloth. You need only 30 seconds to do this, so don’t forget. Remember – the longer a spill/stain remains, the deeper it penetrates, making it more permanent.

Preventive Maintenance:

Stone sinks are porous in nature. That is why they are susceptible to stains. However, you may choose to “seal” them. Sealants insure that stains don’t leave permanent traces by sealing the pores. Stone sealants can be bought at any tile or hardware stores. Stone sealants should be applied at least once a year. You may also seal your sink with wax, but you’re gonna have to repeat on a monthly basis.

With sealants or without, regular cleaning should be done. It’s not just on stone sinks, actually. If you want your house to have the same charm as it did when it was new, you have to learn to maintain its beauty.