Tile Designs

Tile Designs

Awesome Tile Designs to Spark your Creativity

Tiles are an efficient and economic way of jazzing up walls and flooring. They come in all sorts of shapes, forms and types–ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, granite and glass mosaic tiles are just some. Compared to other materials, tiles are easier to clean and maintain. They come in many colors, patterns, and textures–making them the perfect decorative tools for a home. In addition, tiles are very versatile. You don’t have to settle from what you see in displays because you can customize its look based on your personal taste. The right tile design can help your home tell a story, and create the atmosphere you desire. Here are some creative tile designs you can try out.


3D Effect Tiles

3-D Effect Tiles. These tiles combine texture and material to create shadows and reflect light for a smooth, dynamic look.  This tile is perfect for a modern, minimalist style, as it works beautifully with neutral, solid-colored furniture.


bathrooms walls glass subway tiles

Colored Glass Tile + Neutral Subway Tiles. This is a fun way to be creative without worries of spending too much. Use plain white ceramic tile for most of the wall, then jazz it up with splotches of colored glass tile in between. It gives off a bright, energetic vibe.


RugCarpet Inspired Tiles

Rug/Carpet-Inspired Tiles. This tile design brings together different patterns to create an old-world feel to any part of your home. By mimicking the look of classic Oriental carpets, it instantly elevates a room. It works great in large spaces.


Basket weave Tiles

Basket-weave Tiles. This is another tile design that adds a rustic feel to a place. These tiles add depth and dimension to a plain room. It’s the ideal tile to evoke a homey atmosphere.


Faux wood Tiles

Faux-wood Tiles. A popular tile trend today, faux wood tiling is present in many Italian establishments. Digital printing is used to simulate the appearance of weathered wood on tiles, creating a classy effect.




Metal Embellished Tiles

Metal-Embellished Tiles. Another new trend in tiling is the use of metallic effect. These tiles are sophisticated and elegant, and comes in wide range of patterns that can be put together. They can be used as either central motifs or corner accents.


Here are a few takeout points for you to remember: firstly, you should pick the right tile color depending on the theme or mood that you want for your home. Take into consideration also the color of your furniture. Your tiles should blend with your furniture as to avoid the uncoordinated look. Second, have a vision of the overall look you want. This prevents you from having to work with messy, mismatched patterns. Third, don’t be afraid to experiment. Work with different textures in order to come up with interesting effects. When you’re dealing with tiles, decoration can be a satisfying creative endeavour.