Uses for Mosaic Tiles

Uses for Mosaic Tiles

The Many Uses for Mosaic Tiles

Mosaics have been around practically forever. The art of creating patterns and designs by arranging small pieces of molten colored glass (called tesserae) has been utilized since the time of the ancient Greeks, and was in fact responsible for many of the beautiful artwork created in Byzantine times. Its time did not end there, as mosaic tiles remain to this day one of the best and most practical ways to bring artistry to a home.


Mosaic tiles come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. They come in ceramic, porcelain, glass, and marble, among others. Glass mosaic tiles create a stunning shimmering effect when the light hits them, while marble mosaic tiles come in various colors. These can be mixed and matched to create artful, colorful designs. Mosaic tiles are so popular because they are low-maintenance, very durable, and incredibly versatile. There are so many ways to put them to use. Here are just some of the uses of mosaic tiles:


This is one of the most common uses of mosaic tiles in home décor. It easily brings personality to a room, and can help you evoke the right atmosphere. You can use different shades of one color to bring out a theme, or create a fun pattern to apply all over the area. Many homeowners also like to make bare walls (like in the kitchen) pop with a mosaic-tile design backsplash. The great thing about using mosaic tiles to design your walls is that they don’t peel or chip, and they can withstand shower water and kitchen heat with no problem.


Mosaic tiles are also well-known for their use in flooring. This is because the material is capable of handling heavy foot traffic and extreme weather without sustaining heavy damage. Compared to other floor decorations, such as rugs and carpets, the aesthetic flexibility of mosaic tiles allows it to recreate elegant designs while still being easy to clean.


A fun way of refurbishing plain furniture is to embed it with mosaic tiles. You can create a permanent centerpiece for your drab old table by putting mosaic tiles together in a design, and you don’t have to worry about hot plates or spillage ruining it. Or how about adding an eclectic border to your fireplace with colorful tiles? Ceramic mosaic tile is one of the few decorative tools that can be  used here because it can resist heat effectively.


Outdoor Décor

If you find your garden, patio, or swimming pool area to be a bit dull, you can jazz them up with the application of mosaic tiles without worrying about the elements. Stick small, bright mosaic tiles to your everyday flower pot, and allow the colors to set off its contents. Turn your patio into an art canvas incorporating different patterns and designs. Paint an exciting picture for swimmers in your pool by adding a sea-creature-themed mosaic-tile picture to the bottom of your pool—the rippling water interacts with the design at the bottom to create the illusion of moving underwater creatures.

Art Piece

The techniques of the ancient artists have not been forgotten, as mosaic tiles are still well in use in the art world. Mosaic tile artworks can make beautiful, unique decorative pieces for your home.

Using mosaic tiles are a great way to add sophistication and playfulness to an object or to a room. A key point to remember, though, is that before buying the tiles, you should have a plan as to what you want your overall look to be. Have fun experiment with different designs and patterns on paper. Once you’ve decided on a look, make sure that you get the right size and color of tile. Some decorators recommended using small tiles to avoid being too over-the-top.