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Driveway Cobbles

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The original Cobble (Cob) was a rounded river-washed stone, which later gave way to the larger and more regular rectangular shaped Hovis-style Sett.

The name (Cobble or Sett) is different depending on your location or perception, but the product is basically the same. They might come as small as 100mm square cubes ,  or can sometimes be as large as 250mm x 200mm x 250mm - we do only offer our Kandla Grey / Raj Green Sandstone / Black Limestone Cobbles as either 10 x 10 cm or 20 x 10 cm options however  .
Cobbles will usually be sandstone , limestone or granite but one thing is certain, they are on their way back into fashion !  , and there is no better entrance statement than a beautifully cobbled driveway.

Whether for cobbled driveways and paths or larger civic areas; more and more architects and developers are being asked to use good old-fashioned street cobbles, instead of the other less robust and less visually pleasing methods of hard-pave construction.

It would be difficult, if not impossible to find another reclaimed stone product that looks as visually stunning and spectacular as a cobble driveway, patio or recreational area.

Cobbles and Setts are widely used to transform otherwise bland open expanses into visually pleasing works of art, and as well as being aesthetically superb they are incredibly robust for every form of foot or vehicle traffic, and when laid properly can be enjoyed by many generations to come.

Common from the 15 the Century onwards, the use of cobbles goes back to Roman times, and they are still evident in most of the historic towns and cities throughout the British Isles today.

Once upon a time , the original "Cobble" was a round shaped river stone which was eventually superseded by the larger , bulkier and generally more heavyweight "Hovis" style cobble/sett that we know today , aptly named - as it mirrored a freshly baked loaf of bread.
Cobbles and Setts are pretty much one and the same , setts however tend to be calibrated ordinarily with tumbled or sawn edges and are generally a little more "neat & tidy" than the more rustic / traditional cobbles that are ordinarily hand dressed to offer-up the desired finish .
Cobbles are used for many different projects these days , from your regular driveway features , pathways or patio installations , to large commercial , civic or even recreational areas , they are certainly back in fashion and are more popular than ever .
Given the subtle and natural beauty of Cobbles , they offer a visually stunning alternative to regular format paving options on the market , and bring even the most drab , mundane area to life  , whilst bringing a guarantee of being extremely robust and hard wearing , therefore they are perfect for areas of heavy footfall and vehicle traffic   - there just isn't a reclaimed stone on the market that gives the same effect ,  and for a fraction of the price .
Cobbles began their life in Britain around the time of the Roman occupation and have been in common use since back in the 1400's , they are as popular now as they were 600 years ago .
Cobbles can still be viewed in many historical areas of England , Scotland and Wales to this day , so why not transform your next installation in to an aesthetically pleasing , traditional , theme that will be the envy of all those that experience it .
We offer our Cobbles in several options , we have two Sandstone options in the Raj Green and Kandla Grey , both available as either a 20 x 10 cm or 10 x 10 cm , we also offer the Black Limestone as a 20 x 10 cm or 10 x 10 cm choice and Dijon Limestone Tumbled Calibrated Setts @ 30 x 15 mm .