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Marblemosaics Ltd are dedicated suppliers of natural stone materials for homes and gardens. We have developed excellent links with our partners around the globe, by visiting quarries and processing facilities, to ensure we receive the best quality natural stone for our client base of designers, architects, and private individuals. There are no middlemen. Marblemosaics Ltd deal directly from the source. Mines, quarries or factories deal directly to our warehouses and yard in Plumpton Green in sunny East Sussex,  a twenty minute drive from Brighton or Gatwick .

Our diverse selection of natural stone tiles are available in many finishes, from polished, honed, tumbled , brushed and antique, they cater all tastes from modern contemporary to classical. Our company operates with the worlds leading natural stone supplier companies from Turkey, Egypt , Spain, Italy, India and Brazil.  All of our natural stone tiles are unrivalled for quality & price that will provide your home with a solid investment for years to come. We stock hundreds of natural stone tiles for use in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways , conservatories or anywhere within the home , these include Quartz Tiles,  Marble Tiles , Limestone Tiles , Marble/Quartz Mosaic Tiles, Pebble Mosaic Tiles,  Travertine Tiles , Marble Mosaic tiles , Slate Tiles , Glass & Glass / Stone Mosaics  , Splitface Tiles in multiple options including Slate , Quartzite , Travertine & Marble and pretty much everything in the Natural Stone world .

We also offer an extensive range of Paving products including multiple Porcelain options , Classic & Silver Travertine , Slate , Granite , Limestone and Sandstone in many finishes and formats - we truly have something for everybody in that regard including cobbles , pattern sets and bull nose / coping stones . 

With such a wide selection available to purchase we can delivery throughout the UK  from our Plumpton Green warehouse in East Sussex. Marblemosaics Ltd have one of the largest ranges of natural stone tiles available in the UK.  You can see a variety of natural stone wall and floor tiles on our website, however, we do understand that this doesn’t always show the true beauty of natural stone however , therefore we can provide you with free samples ( of most internal materials ) and there is a nominal fee for Paving & all Splitface samples , alternatively you can visit our East Sussex showroom and pick up samples FOC . Please do take the time to browse through our webpages and view some of the most stunning selections of stone & glass in the UK. Happy browsing.



Slate Floor Tiles | Marble Mosaics | UK

Slate Tiles For Sale Direct  from only £14.99 per m2

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For slate Paving / Patio slabs please see our paving section

When it comes to value for money , Brazilian Slate is the perfect option for internal flooring. 

Not only is it desirable it is also incredibly hard wearing and practical to maintain.

Black Brazilian Slate has quality that brings interest and character to any room, use it to create detail in a specific area or use it throughout the home .

Often used to create the infinity effect when used in conjunction with our Brazilian patio / paving slabs .

Machine calibrated, extremely durable  & easy to cut our Brazilian Slates are a timeless classic & excellent value.

Also available are our Multicolour Slate floor tiles again a great versatile hard wearing material suitable for interior use especially if a rustic appearance is required

Our Sussex Showroom & yard is available for our local customers in Surrey ,Hampshire , Kent & London & delivery options for those further afield are available .



FAQ ( Frequently asked questions ) 

Please note that some slate tiles - specifically those that are not calibrated , are more suited to experienced DIY 'ers and professional tradesmen , if you would not describe yourself as either of the afore mentioned types , then please refer to the following that will give you an idea of what installing these tiles consists of 

Internal tile flooring and External paving Slate FAQ's :- 

Are there more uniform colours available in this material ?

Slate is a natural stone and therefore , like any natural stone - you cannot promise uniform colours , however if you have a specific requirement - we would recommend popping down to our warehouse , or request samples from our website , to avoid confusion or potential disappoint .
Some slate will consist of less variation than others , for instance our Brazilian Black Slate is calibrated and ordinarily a consistent mid / dark grey tone , whereas our Multicolour ( Sheera) slate is not calibrated and will therefore be more labour intensive to install , it is also a very "busy" stone and will therefore consist of considerable variation from tile to tile .

What are the differences between calibrated , gauged and ungauged slate tiles - how do you install non calibrated / ungauged slate to get the tiles level ?

Essentially ,a calibrated tile has been machined to a degree that it will ordinarily not suffer more than a few mm's of variance in both size and depth and is subsequently straight forward to install.
If you purchase slate that is "ungauged " then it has simply been split and both sides will be riven , this will tend be much less expensive than gauged or calibrated stone as it the processes to produce it are far less labour intensive , it is however much more labour intensive to install , and you must first sort through the tiles to grade them from the thickest to the thinnest , you then install the thickest tile as your yardstick and make up the difference in thickness of the remaining tiles with adhesive - it is therefore far more time consuming .
A gauged tile means it has been machined to a degree and then hand sorted to reduce variation and will be slightly less labour intensive than the ungauged material .

I would love a slate floor for my home but would prefer something with less texture /riven effect .

There are several levels of texture , there are those slate tiles labelled as "rustic" and these tend to be the most heavily riven and often have a heavily textured surface and are often used in more traditional settings such as farmhouses , old cottages and period buildings - this would be more akin to our Multicolour ( Sheera ) Slate .
We also offer the "gently / lightly" riven slate that is a feature of our Brazilian Slate tiles , these have a far less textured surface but still enough to offer the natural variations that people , who buy slate , crave .
If your desire is a more understated riven effect , then the Brazilian slate will be , by far and away , the best choice . 

Are slate tiles perfectly square ?

The only way to ensure perfectly square or rectangular slate is to buy rectified stone , calibrated stone is the next best thing and will offer a tolerance of no more than a few mm's as a rule .
Given the nature of slate , we recommend using wider grout lines to overcome any small tolerance in sizing , and up to 10 mm is often recommended even on Brazilian Slate , you will often have even wider grout lines than this with Multicolour ( Sheera) Slate .

If i purchase a number of sizes , can i have the grout lines at the same width ?

The answer is a "no" I'm afraid as it is not possible to have the same grout lines through an installation where there are several different sizes of tile , a "floating" grout line is often used whereby some joints will be tighter than others  , it is simply the nature of undertaking such a project but will not affect the look of the installation when complete .

Can i use slate tiles with Underfloor Heating ?

Absolutely "Yes" - natural stone is a great thermal conductor and transfers heat quickly and efficiently , it also retains heat for a considerable time when the heating has been turned off . 

Can i use slate on my driveway ?

Yes you can but its crucial that the substrate is prepared correctly for any slab used on a driveway , we would recommend discussing this with the tradesman responsible for installing the stone as up to 6 inches of concrete is often used for such installations .

Can i use a thinner slate outside if my budget does not allow paving ?

We would not ordinarily recommend using 10 mm slate for external projects unless you have the luxury of laying it on a concrete substrate , if you do not have concrete then you will need slate @ a 20 mm depth if it is purely for foot traffic .

How do i keep my slate clean ?

As with all natural stone , we very much recommend sealing slate tiles , this prevents staining from such things as food & drink , general spillages or other accidents .
There are specific natural stone cleaners on the market but you must never use corrosives such as bleach on such materials - many people simply use warm water and a drop of detergent perhaps , but nothing stronger than that .

Why is it recommended to add 10 % for wastage on a tiling project ?

It has always been recommended - industry wide , to allow 10 % wastage on any tiling project , this is primarily for cuts on an installation and the cost to ship a few extra tiles to finish an installation will often exceed the actual cost of the tiles required to finish the job and it is always advisable to have a few left over in the event of damage or potential future renovations .

Are expansion joints required on my installation ?

It is always best to check with your installer regarding these matters , but a tradesman should really advise you of anything required in that regard before the installation process is undertaken , they are the professionals in that capacity .

Does slate rust ? Is is something i should expect to happen to my tiles ?

It is very unusual with Brazilian Slate as it contains very little iron oxide content and this is what will cause the issues with "rusting" ( oxidisation)  when exposed to moisture - we actually store our Brazilian Slate outdoors and it never suffers issues in this regard , it is more common however in Indian and Chinese slate .

Why are my slate tiles suffering white patches , i thought sealing prevented this ?

There could be several reasons why this is occurring - but is extremely rare with Brazilian Slate , firstly a cause could be for the adhesive and grout not being thoroughly cleaned off the tiles before sealing .
Secondly , if the tiles are not thoroughly dried out before sealing , moisture retained in the tile can cause a reaction with the sealant , it can also be caused if the tiles are "dot & dabbed" and laid on full bed of adhesive .
The only other cause is if the installation is lacking a damp proof course which is then drawing out salt through the tiles or if there is a damp proof course but this hasn't been sufficient time to thoroughly dry out before the installation was undertaken .

I have taken receipt of my order but some of my tiles look like they have superficial scratches / marks on them and some have small chips - is this normal ? - are they seconds ?

We do not supply seconds , please rest assured that minor marks or scuffs are ordinarily caused by the tiles rubbing off of each other either during production or whilst in transit , such markings are seldomly visible or noticeable when the tiles have been sealed , these are characteristics of slate and not defects and are often something that is not simply avoidable as it is part of the production process and if they are a cause of alarm to you then simply use the few effected in this way , for cuts .

Why have some of my tiles come apart / split , can i still use these ?

Again , this is mostly limited to Indian Slate and does not affect Brazilian Slate tiles , it is essentially due to how the Indian Slate is formed .
Simply put , Indian Slate is formed in layers , in the most part from river / sea sediments , which , in-turn ,compress over many thousands of years to create the slate we see today .
As the Slate forms , small gaps are created and occurs pretty randomly and is visible on the sawn edge .
As previously mentioned , these are natural characteristics within slate and are not unusual with the Multicolour Slate we offer , and any tiles offering significant issues in this regard are simply used for cuts .

If I'm sealing slate externally - do i need to seal it ?

We recommend sealing all external natural stone whether it is for an external or internal installation , this will help prevent oxidisation on stones that are likely to suffer this , and will also prevent ingress from water , or staining from such things as red wine or tomato ketchup etc when the area is used for entertaining .

Can i use Slate on walls ? 

Slate @ 10 mm is the common weapon of choice for wall installations as @ under 30 kg per m2 it is suitable for the majority of wall projects , as with all wall installations you have to ensure that your wall has the weight bearing capacity to hold the stone however - plus the additional weight of the adhesive used .

Is Slate suitable for use on chipboard / ply ? 

Slate is perfectly suitable for such installations but if there is limited movement underfoot then you must use flexible adhesives and grouts and ensure the sub-floor is made as rigid as you can with as little movement as possible . 

If i place a full order - will the Slates be identical to the sample i received ?

In a word " no " - it is impossible to give a 100% representation of a particular material from a cross section off-cut of a whole tile , the samples are purely designed to give something of a representation in terms of the colour , feel and finish of a specific material , nothing more than that , and by no means will a Slate sample mirror the exact tones that you'll see throughout an installation of using this stone .

I have some tiles left over - do you take them back as returns ?

Returns on overages of delivered goods only (we do not accept back overages of collected products) are accepted back  within 14  days of receipt by the customer , this 14 day period begins the day after the goods are received and we will not accept returns outside of this time period under any circumstances .
Generally however , our best advice , for people with overages - even sometimes when they are still within the required return period - is to sell the item on a selling site such as ebay or facebook , as , at the price we go in at for our products , the customer can invariably at least get their money back - and sometimes a little bit more than they actually paid , given many sellers offer the products we provide at a significantly higher price than we charge .
Even those that are within the return period prefer to sell-on the products quite often , as that way they don't have to foot the steep courier charges that couriers and freight companies often charge to return products , and this essentially comes out of what they get refunded .

I have found some damages on my consignment - are you going to replace them ?

As a company we obviously do not dispatch damaged tiles , but if you do find a few pieces that have been broken in transit then we would simply recommend using these for cuts on the installation - this is one of the reasons why the 10 % "wastage" element is recommended across the industry .
In the rare event of there being significant damages , then it is imperative that this is noted on the drivers delivery docket at the time of delivery , and if the damages exceed 7.5 % , then replacements will be provided at the expense of the haulier via an insurance claim process - if a consignment is not clearly marked as being damaged however , on arrival , and if it is then not subsequently reported to us within 48 hours of receipt , the claim will considered null and void by the haulier - Unfortunately , we will not refund or replace just a few tiles that are broken in transit however as this is to be expected , particularly on larger orders .

Will you replace any tiles that are suffering variation , imperfections or any undesirable features that i consider unacceptable ?

The very description of natural stone lends itself to being just that "natural", and as nature intended them to be ,  therefore slate tiles will sometimes suffer imperfections that are either caused in their formation, or sometimes in the way they are engineered , neither are avoidable however and therefore it is accepted that they are as they are , and if a few do not meet your desired requirements then simply use them for cuts during the installation , such issues are extremely rare with our slate tiles and if you have added the recommended 10 % on your order then you will have absolutely nothing to be concerned about and you'll have sufficient material to complete the project .

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